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Wellness Centers

School wellness centers are a powerful investment in the health and academic potential of children and adolescents. They provide access to caring adults and services such as primary care, counseling, mentoring, and peer-to-peer support. School wellness centers support teachers by assisting children and adolescents to thrive in the classroom and beyond! School wellness centers provide access to free health care, behavioral health services, and positive youth activities in a location that is fun, safe, and convenient – at school.

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Diablo Community Center

What is the DCC? 
The Diablo Community Center (DCC) is a safe space  that seeks to support the academic, emotional and social well-being of students and their families. The DCC strives to achieve this through providing access to counseling services, community linkages, youth employment support, student and family advocacy, Foster Youth Services, the HOPE Program, and much more. The support services at the DCC are successful due to the collaboration and coordination of multidisciplinary stakeholders at Mt. Diablo High School, DCC staff, administrators, families, community members, and of course the students.

Que es el DCC? 
​El Centro Comunitario Diablo (DCC) es un espacio seguro, que busca apoyar el bienestar académico, emocional y social de los estudiantes y sus familias. El DCC se esfuerza por lograr esto a través de facilitar el acceso a los servicios de asesoramiento, vínculos comunitarios, apoyo al empleo juvenil, estudiantil y familiar de defensa, Foster Servicios Juventud, el programa HOPE y mucho más.  Los servicios de apoyo en la DCC tienen éxito gracias a la colaboración y la coordinación entre multidisciplinarios en Mt. Diablo High School, personal DCC, administradores, familias, miembros de la comunidad y los estudiantes.

Diablo Community Center/Wellness Center Role

The Social Work Specialist (SWS) at Diablo Community Center is responsible for managing the mental health and wellness programming for the vast majority of the student community at Mt. Diablo High School. The Diablo Community Center is a shared space with an array of service providers all of whom the SWS, also referred to as the DCC Coordinator, is responsible for overseeing. The SWS ensures that Fred Finch therapists, MSW interns, BSW interns, CWA workers, the newcomer social worker, the mobile health clinic health educator, and Rainbow Community Center counselors are able to collaborate in order to provide effective services to students and their families. The role of the SWS is to facilitate the weekly Coordinated Care Team process. When on campus, the SWS is responsible for supporting crisis situations as well as helping to support the daily needs of the foster youth and HOPE students. The SWS provides support and feedback to teachers and initiates and attends IEP, SST and 504 meetings regularly. The SWS is a mentor to many of the DCC's informal clients. The SWS also attends weekly administrative meetings and collaborates with school leadership in order to orchestrate schoolwide events connected to student well-being and wellness. 

Contact us with any questions or comments:

Chris Carlay, Social Work Specialist
(925) 682-4030 x3477

2450 Grant Street
Concord, CA 94520
Ph: (925) 682-4030 x3470
Fax: (925) 687-9658

Ygnacio Valley Wellness Center
Ygnacio Valley High Wellness Center

The Wellness Center (WC) is a safe place that seeks to support the academic, health, social and emotional well-being of students and their families.  The WC strives to achieve this through:

  • counseling services
  • community linkages
  •  youth employment support
  • student and family advocacy
  • Foster Youth Services
  • the Hope Program (Homeless Outreach Program for Education)
  • and much more

The support services at the WC are successful due to the collaboration and coordination of multidisciplinary stakeholders at YVHS, WC staff, Administrators, Families, Community members and of course the students.

View the Ygnacio Valley High Wellness Center brochure

YVHS Wellness Center Q&A:

When can a student come to the WC?

 The WC is a resource and a safe space for students. We ask students to do a check– in with their teachers prior to visiting the WC. Our ultimate goal is to have students ready to be engaged, empowered and prepared for learning. Teachers are encouraged to call the WC if they have information about students mood /affect that may help WC staff.

Students may visit the WC:
• During class (due to anxiety, stress, overwhelmed) without an appt. (teacher permission required)- 15 minutes
• Appointment (Student Pass)
• Cool Down 15 min (w/ Pass)
• ANYTIME during Brunch and Lunch

How long can a student “cool off” in the WC?
Students who may need a break from a stressful day can ask for a pass from their teacher and come to the WC to cool off for up to 15 minutes. If students DO NOT return to class after the cool off time, they may lose their privilege to use that service.

How does the WC communicate with school staff if students are referred by an adult?
The WC holds a weekly multidisciplinary Coordinated Care Team (CCT) on Wednesdays from 8:30 - 10:00am. This is a great way for staff to share information regarding student concerns and well- being.

What is Coordinated Care Team?
It is a comprehensive referral and support systems for our students. Its purpose is to have school-based and community-based programs work together in collaborating and finding ways to support our students.

Can teachers refer students to the Wellness Center?  
Yes, if you feel that a student will benefit from any of the services after teacher intervention, please do so.  CARE TEAM Referral copies are available at the WC.

Can students refer themselves to the WC? 
YES! There is a Student Self-Referral Form in the WC. Appointment Request Form—Students may fill this form out during brunch or lunch in order to request counseling services, Academic counseling or brief check-ins.

How does the WC play a role in IEP, 504 and student support plans?

Students with accommodations may benefit from using the WC for things such as classwork, breaks, rest, etc. Teachers of students with accommodations should coordinate these specific activities with case managers and WC staff.

Is there a Confidentiality Policy?

The goal of the WC is to make sure all students feel safe and that they have someone they can talk to. Matters discussed at the WC and WC-related meetings are considered confidential. The information shared with WC counselors is considered confidential unless a WC staff member has reason to believe that a student is not safe.

Are parents contacted when a student has reported to WC?

Parents are not generally contacted when a student is receiving services at the WC. When the services are to be continuous, then a consent form is sent home.

Can parents visit the WC?  

Yes! They can schedule an appointment with Ms. Jenny, our Community Liaison. The WC is also open when parents need to or have questions regarding school or community resources.

Contact us with any questions or comments:

Kim Hendrick, School Counselor, HOPE & FYS

755 Oak Grove Rd, Concord, CA 94518
Ph: (925) 682-8000 x3656
Fax: (925) 566-6692