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Student Teaching

Student Teaching

Mt. Diablo Unified is proud to host student teachers from many Universities.  Once we have a Memorandum of Understanding on file with your University we can assist you in getting cleared as a student teacher. Under most circumstances we do process all student teachers as substitute teachers. 

The first step to becoming a student teacher is to apply on Edjoin as a student teacher. Please use the link below to access the posting. The password to this link is 2222. 

EdJoin - MDUSD Student Teacher Application

Once your application is received you will be notified and invited to an orientation to do paperwork, get fingerprinted and be oriented on this process.

Information about fingerprint requirements and fingerprint fees for employment and/or credentialing purposes are provided at the orientation and appointments are scheduled at  orientation or for a future date.

You must be fingerprinted and be cleared by our district in order to be able to be in a classroom with students. Fingerprinting is done at the district offices on Orientation day. Please bring with you on Orientation day $32 in cash, exact change and a valid Driver's license for fingerprinting. A list of items to bring to orientation will be provided prior to scheduling an orientation.

Human Resources will assist eligible candidates in applying for the Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit. 

* Field work and observation hours also fall under the Student Teaching umbrella. 


For questions regarding student teaching, please call Renee Rogers at (925) 682-8000 ext. 4139 or email