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Bargaining Update: MDUSD and MDEA conclude 7th day of negotiations with no new tentative agreements
Posted 11/19/21

MDUSD Bargaining Update: MDEA

November 17, 2021 Bargaining Session


The Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) negotiation team met with the Mt. Diablo Educators Association (MDEA) team on November 17, 2021, for their seventh day of the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations. 


While the tone of the negotiation sessions continue to be positive, and both teams are moving closer to an agreement on many articles, there remain several articles where the teams are still a good distance apart. 


Please see below for the summaries of the articles exchanged in this negotiation session. 



Articles exchanged from MDUSD to MDEA:

Article 14: Salaries- MDUSD improved its salary proposal Wednesday afternoon by offering a 3% salary increase beginning January 1, 2022, 2.5% salary increase beginning July 1, 2022, and 1.5% salary increase beginning July 1, 2023. The overall projected cost to MDUSD of this offer for all employee groups is at least $14.4 million over the three year term of the agreement -- $3.9 million for the first year, $6.5 million for the next year, and $4.0 million for the final year, requiring a current estimate of $8 million in reductions to meet minimal state required reserve levels in the 2023 school year. 


MDUSD maintained the presentation of several cost savings proposals, which continue to all be rejected by MDEA. Instead, MDEA is requesting increased compensation without agreeing to any cost savings, while also requesting additional new increases in expenses to the district, including a 46% increase in payment for teachers covering classes when teachers are absent without a substitute, and, if the new proposed substitute rate of $230-$250 goes into effect, a 91% increase in payment when teachers are absent without a substitute (in Article 9 - Hours). For example, MDEA's current 46% increase proposal would mean that if a classroom with no substitute teacher was split up into five (5) classrooms for more than three (3) hours, it would cost the district a total of $710 to be paid across these teachers instead of $230 for one substitute.  


MDEA also requests (in Article 9 - Hours) to maintain that specific small groups of teachers, -- i.e. SDC teachers teaching in secondary schools in departmentalized models, and teachers of 4th and 5th-grade students -- receive higher levels of preparation time than all other MDEA members at an ongoing increased cost to the district.


The District will continue to ask MDEA for some minimal cost savings in order to successfully implement compensation increases for all MDEA members.


Article 16: Employee Benefits- The District has proposed to maintain the current language regarding employee health and welfare benefits, which includes some increase in benefits cost to employees.


Article 4: Assignment/Reassignment- The District has proposed to modify the agreement to allow it to assign teachers to classrooms/subjects/grade levels based on the needs of students and the District rather than return teachers to their prior assignment the first time it becomes vacant. 


Article 6: Class Size- MDEA has proposed to eliminate combination classes in the District.  Currently, the district has 45 combination classrooms across the 30 elementary schools in the District. The District does not agree to the elimination of combination classes because such classes are necessary at times based on student enrollment levels and needs. 


Article 7: Work Year- MDEA and the District have agreed to the concept of creating a “Title I Professional Development Academy” for all new teachers teaching for the 1st time in a Title I school, as well as for existing Title I teachers. The teams continue to work toward an agreement on how the teachers will be compensated for this work.


Article 9: Hours- The District has proposed language to be included in the contract to recognize that kindergarten teachers may be assigned to provide support to students after their student day, but within their overall workday and after their contractual prep periods have been fulfilled. This is common in many districts. The District also continues to propose that any school non-compliant schedule be reviewed for renewal every three years, rather than the current language of every two years, to ensure a steady schedule for students, staff, and the community. 


Articles exchanged from MDEA to MDUSD:

Article 5: Transfer- The teams continue to discuss how the timelines impact staff, students, and the community. The District has proposed language to allow it to transfer certificated employees over the summer. The District proposes initiating transfers in July when necessary and thus giving MDEA members earlier notification than having to wait until the first day of school when pending transfers are already known in the summer. MDEA, however, maintains its proposal that MDEA members cannot be transferred until the first day of school. 


Article 9: Hours- Please see above. 




The MDUSD team continues to look for some minimal cost savings as they negotiate the Collective Bargaining Agreement, while MDEA is continuing to propose higher-cost items with no agreement on any cost-saving measures. 


The teams will continue to meet and the District’s team will continue to focus on a high-level educational experience for all students while supporting the needs of the community and staff. 


Both teams have agreed to continue bargaining on the following dates with the teams presenting various articles: 


Friday, December 10 

MDUSD Team will present: Articles 5, 9

MDEA Team will present: Articles 4, 6, 7, 14, 16


Thursday, December 16