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Facility Use and Rental

NEW Facility Fee Rates Effective June 1, 2021

Use Permit Letter

To register or access CivicPermits go to:



Mt. Diablo Unified School District uses CivicPermits, a user friendly program, that enables the public to request the use or rental of District facilities online. CivicPermits allows the ability to: submit permit applications; determine an estimate of charges; track permit status; and, receive a final invoice.

*Please see Necessary Documents (below) that we must receive prior to approval of any permit.



If you wish to use a kitchen please fill out the kitchen request form in addition to entering a permit request.

Kitchen Request Form can be found here.

 All Fee-based Youth Group Programs (including Enrichment Classes) will be charged for Facility Use.


   If you have any Use Permit questions, please contact:

Use Permit Office

(925) 825-7440 Ext. 3804




Checks, Cashier's Check or Cash is accepted.

*Necessary Documents*




All user groups must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) prior to approval. Please make sure there is a current COI uploaded with your Use Permit Request.  Your COI must have:

  1. ($1,000,000) liability coverage, for bodily injury and property damage;
  2. MDUSD must be named as ADDITIONALLY INSURED and received the Additionally Insured Endorsement page;
  3. The Certificate Holder box must show listed: Mt Diablo Unified School District, Maintenance & Operations Department, 1480 Gasoline Alley, Concord, CA, 94520.




All groups using the MDUSD Fields must fill out and sign a Memorandum of Understanding. Memorandum of Understanding

Please upload with your use permit request.  




To those groups which fall within the non-profit/direct cost category, enter your 501(c)3 number where indicated on the application form. The 501(c)3 number must be active with the IRS, to ensure the reduced rate.


Use Permit Fee Schedule  (Effective June 1, 2021) 


Timelines and Charges


All Use Permit Requests must be submitted 30 days in advance of the requested event. 

Once your Request has been processed, you will receive an email notification with an approval or denial.  If your Request is approved, you have permission to use the facility at the date and time requested.


  • Application fee of $20.00 per use permit.


  • A 50% deposit must be paid prior to the event for all permits. No Permit will receive final approval without a deposit.  Currently, the District can only accept check, cashier's check, or cash. No credit card or debit card payments are accepted at this time.


  • No Permit will be approved without a current Certificate of Liability Insurance (including additionally insured endorsement page) downloaded with the Permit application or on file with the Maintenance and Operations Department.


  • A $35 cancellation fee applies to all approved Permits.


  • A $35 change fee applies to all approved Permits.


  • A 48 hour cancellation notice to requested site is required on all approved Permits.  Failure to provide 48 hour notice will result in a custodial overtime charge of $188 (if applicable).
  • Any permit requiring custodial services will be charged $47 per hour (weekends require minimum of 4 hours).


No refunds will be issued due to acts of nature.


If you have outstanding or unpaid balances with the District, your request will be denied until your account is current.



Excluded Activities at MDUSD


The Mt. Diablo Unified School District cannot sponsor, accept liability, or hold any trip, project, club, tournament, fundraiser, etc., which includes the following activities:

  • Trampolines, including mini-trampolines, rebounding devices, etc.
  • Bounce Houses, Velcro walls, boxing ring, jousting or inflatables of any kinds such as "Hamster Balls" or "Robo-Surfing"
  • Pogo stick or pogo balls
  • Scuba/Snorkeling
  • Aircraft
  • Hang-Gliding
  • Bonfires
  • Fireworks
  • Skateboarding, roller-skating, roller-blading, ice-skating or hover boards
  • Wave-boarding or snow-boarding
  • Motorcycling
  • Auto Racing
  • Surfing
  • Skiing
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Dunk Tanks
  • Powder Puff Football (without prior approval by General Counsel's office)
  • Rocket or jet propelled items (without prior approval by General Counsel's office

Fund-raising projects, carnivals, etc., sponsored by the PTA, PFC, or Booster Club, continue to be excluded from coverage under the District's liability program. The District requires that all parent-faculty and booster clubs carry their own insurance and submit their policy to the Maintenance and Operations Department. The activities listed above, are not permitted under the PTA liability insurance policy. PTA sites should review their policy for green light, yellow light, and red light activities.