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Tasty it Tuesday!

thats tasty
The CARES program has partnered up with Mt. Diablo central kitchen to help with new lunch menu items. This month students taste tested two different salsas; a salsa verde and a spicy red salsa. The students loved both salsa flavors and gave them two thumbs up as approval for their new lunch menu. 

smiling students
smiling student

Supper Update!

hot meals!
Exciting news from the Mt. Diablo Food Service Department. Warm supper meals will be served as part of the supper program at Fair Oaks Elementary in May. Mt. Diablo CARES is excited to pilot this part of the supper program in hopes that all participating CARES sites will eventually serve warm supper meals in after school.


PEP (Physical Education Program)

PEP is intended to initiate, expand, or enhance the physical education in after school programs for students in 1st through 8th grades.  Students who participate in the CARES program are a part of the 4 fitness weeks within the school year.  During these fitness weeks, students enjoy a week filled with physical activities including running a mile, using a pedometer to track their steps daily and participation in a healthy culminating event (usually a smoothie party) to celebrate their physical fitness achievements.


Cooking & Nutrition

We offer a comprehensive curriculum focusing on healthy eating habits.  Using Harvest of the Month, CATCH and SPARK lessons; ensures that students receive necessary tools to make healthier lifestyle choices.


cooking and nutrition