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Mission & Vision

TISP Mission: The MDUSD Teacher Induction and Support Program is dedicated to providing an equitable and respectful educational experience for every student by supporting educators in enhancing their skills and knowledge, and reflecting on their practice.

In 2022, our long-standing Mission Statement was enhanced by the addition of a Vision Statement, crafted in alignment with the MDUSD Mission & Vision, as well as the 2022-2023 MDUSD LCAP Goals.

TISP Vision: A district of antiracist, abolitionist educators who disrupt deficit thinking, acknowledge and confront bias, dismantle oppressive structures, and build students’ cognitive capacity, independence, and agency.

Game Changer
MDUSD Graphic
MDUSD Mission, Vision, Goals Graphic


Goal 1: All students will receive a high quality education in a safe and welcoming environment with equitable high expectations, access to technology, and instruction in the California State Standards that prepare them for college and career. 

Goal 2: High quality, culturally proficient, and responsive staff will provide engaging instruction respectful of all students’ backgrounds to ensure they are college and career ready. 

Goal 3: Parents, family and community will be informed, engaged and empowered as partners with Mt. Diablo Unified to support student learning and academic achievement.

Goal 4: Focus scholars, specifically Black/African American students, Foster Youth, and students experiencing homelessness will experience culturally responsive practices and instruction, high expectations, equal access to educational opportunities, within an educational environment that builds trust and inclusive partnerships between the students, families and staff .