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Grant Process


Applying & Processing Grant in MDUSD



District grants are processed through the Director Partnerships & MTSS department.  Below is an outline of this process and systems.


All grants within the Mt. Diablo Unified School District are required to be reviewed and approved by the Board of Education prior to the acceptance or receipt of any grant funds.


What is the process for staff, schools or departments who want to apply for a Grant?

When staff are interested in applying for a grant they need to contact Director Partnerships & MTSS, Stephanie Roberts at or 925-682-8000 x6201. The grant is reviewed, aligned to district goals and plans, presented to the Superintendent and/or Cabinet and vetted with the school and district departments for approval.


What needs to be done once staff receive approval to apply for a grant?

All grants must request approval from the School Board prior to applying for the grant.  This is done through a board docket.  Director Partnerships & MTSS will work with staff to assist in writing and placing the grant on the board docket.  Dockets need to be signed by the Principal/Administrator, Department Director, Fiscal Director/Chief Business Officer, Director Purchasing, General Counsel (if applicable), Chief Education Services and the Superintendent.  All dockets must be submitted two weeks prior to the Board meeting. 


What does staff, schools or departments need to provide to Director Partnerships & MTSS to complete the board docket?

Staff need to complete a “Project Summary” with a brief description of the project outlining the proposed services by the grant, impact to students and alignment to district goals and needs.


Who is the authorized person who can sign a grant application, grant award letter or contract?

All grants must obtain the signature from the district’s authorizing agent.  This is the Superintendent and/or their designee (Chiefs, CBO).  No grant should be submitted without the appropriate signature.


Who should receive a copy of the signed grant award letter or contract?

Once the Superintendent signs a grant award letter or contract, the original copy will be sent from the Superintendent's office to the Director Partnerships & MTSS at Willow Creek Center.  At this time the original will be sent to the funding agency, and copies of the signed letter/contract will be emailed and sent through the interdistrict mailing system (the pony) to the Director Fiscal, Director Purchasing, the administrator(s) in charge of the grant.  A hard copy will be maintained on file at the Director Partnerships & MTSS office along with a copy of the grant.   In addition, the grant award letters are uploaded to a grant award letters google folder shared with the Fiscal and Educational Services Departments and the Superintendent’s office.

Useful information:

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