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Foster Youth Services (FYS)

Foster Youth Services (FYS) and school staff promote the well being of our district’s foster youth under the District Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). Foster Children, as a group, function at a lower academic level, are less likely to graduate from high school, and have lower self-esteem than other children. FYS provides training for district administrators and school personnel to ensure compliance with current legislation and use of best practices. Foster youth are supported in collaboration with group home providers, caregivers, district personnel, partnership agencies and universities, and community stakeholders.  

Mt. Diablo FYS provides support and services for foster youth students living in home placements made through Contra Costa County’s Department of Child and Family Services and Juvenile Probation. FYS assists schools to obtain student records, educational background and placement information, information about the holder of educational rights, mental health, and the student’s strengths, talents, and interests.

Youth voice has shaped foster youth services and support, and district equity policy and practices. Thank you!

Click here to view more information about credit exemption for foster youth.

Who We Are

The mission of the FYS Program is to support children who are in out-of-home foster care to  be successful in school.  The program’s vision is that all foster youth in the district will experience a nurturing and productive educational environment. To do so, our dedicated office staff,   school social workers, and MSW interns provide foster youth and their caregivers with direct support and empower them with tools to reach their current and post-secondary educational goals.

In accordance with AB490 and other laws as prescribed in the California Educational Code, Foster Youth Services assist MDUSD and its educators to ensure:

  • Immediate enrollment of foster youth 
  • Timely transfer of school records 
  • Delivery of dedicated support services such as tutoring and school-based emotional counseling
  • Offer of reduced graduation requirements to qualifying foster youth under AB167/216
  • Linkage to transitional support offered by County Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP)

The Social Work Specialist who oversees the Foster Youth Services program works collaboratively across MDUSD departments, school sites, and community/state/county agencies to reduce barriers to educational success among youth in the Foster Care system, assisting school district staff in supporting these students through case management and oversight of the AB167/216 Credit Reduction Program and the McKinney-Vento Act.  Case management may include participation in CARE Teams, SSTs, IEPs, 504s, SARB meetings, direct service, facilitation of placement, documentation tracking, as well as encouraging determination of the Educational Rights Holder. 

Q&A for Foster Youth

Q: I'm a foster youth at a new school again and I don't know anyone. Now what?

A: Moving happens all too often, but you don't have to go it alone. Check out Foster a Dream, and connect with foster youth supporters. Or call Foster Youth Services (925) 682-8000 ext. 3470. We'll be sure to come down to meet you personally and give you a tour of your school!

Q: I'm ready to be more on my own. What should I do next? 

A: Click here to learn more about the Independent Living Skills Program.

Next, talk to your social worker about your transition plan.  

Q: I want to graduate on time. What should I do next? 

A: Take some first steps...

1) Talk to your school administrator about your graduation progress.

2) If you're in your third year of high school, behind in credits, and moved school recently, call Foster Youth Services at (925) 682-8000 ext 3470.  You may qualify to have your graduation credits reduced. 

Contact FYS

James Wogan, LCSW

Assistant Director, School & Community Services
 (925) 682-8000, ext. 3054       (925) 250-5500, cell               

Chris Carlay, MSW               Social Work Specialist             925-682-800, ext. 3477         

Evelyn Mercado
School-Family Resource Worker
 (925) 682-8000, ext. 3096     

Kimberly Hendrick      Counselor-FYS and HOPE     
Fax: (925) 566-6692