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Procurement Card (Cal-Card)


Listed below are links to the MDUSD Procurement Card information. These links contain the information, procedures and sample forms needed for the proper use of your Cal-Card.

Request for MDUSD Procurement Cal-Card

Fill out this form to request an MDUSD Procurement Card. Please submit the completed form to the Director of Purchasing & Warehouse, Elizabeth McClanahan, for review and submission to the Executive Cabinet for approval.

Cal-Card Important Information

Basic guidelines and quick reference items for use of your Cal-Card.

Access On-Line Cardholder Self Registration Letter

This letter provides detailed instructions to register on Access On-Line.  Access On-Line is U.S. Bank’s new, exclusive web-based program management tool that provides cardholders with quick access to their complete account information, enabling individuals to view their account activity and billing statements online.

Cal-Card Missing Receipt Form

This form must be filled out if the cardholder is missing a receipt and it must be itemized with each transaction on the receipt including:  merchant name, date of purchase, detailed item description, quantity, unit price, extended price.  It also must be signed and dated by the Cardholder and Approver.

Monthly Procurement Card Purchase Log

MDUSD Fiscal Services Department REQUIRES a brief description and an account code for each transaction line of your statement. The Monthly Procurement Card Purchase Log must be submitted with your statement and receipts. Please fill out completely for each transaction on your statement. Please be sure to fill out the top section of this log in the sections: Cardholder Name, Account Number, Site Name and Statement Date.

Cardholder Statement of Questioned Item Form

This form is used for disputing a sales transaction.  This consists of directions and the CSQI form.