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Conferences, Workshops and Committee Work


  1. If a purchase order is acceptable to the conference organizer, and it is more than 30 days before the registration deadline, enter your Purchase Request (PR) in Business Plus. Write the PR number at the top of the completed registration forms and forward the completed form to Purchasing (either by fax or pony)
  2. If the vendor does not accept a purchase order, enter a purchase requisition for PRE-PAY indicating the due date of payment in the PR notes stating that the vendor does not accept purchase orders.  Send all related paperwork for the registration to purchasing with the PR number clearly on each sheet of the paperwork.  Indicate whether the registration payment check needs to be sent directly to the vendor along with registration paperwork or if the site will be picking up the check.  If site is picking up, call the accounts payable department to see when check is available. 
  3. If time is extremely short, the attendee may issue a personal check for the registration and submit the receipt for reimbursement (see below).

Expense Claim

Within ten days after a conference or workshop for which a registration fee was paid, or which required overnight lodging, submit to Fiscal Services an expense claim for reimbursement of all expenses associated with the event. These expenses, along with the registration fee, are all charged to object code 5210. More specific instructions are on the back of the expense claim form (including daily rate). If no reimbursement is being requested, you do not need to submit an expense claim form. 


Attach all original receipts to the expense claim. No claim will be honored without receipts. Fiscal Services will issue a reimbursement check approximately ten days after receipt of a claim. A copy of the expense claim form is available on the accounts payable page. 


Mileage Claims

This form is used for mileage, bridge tolls, and parking not associated with conferences for   which fees were paid. Use object code 5230.  A copy of the mileage claim form is available on the accounts payable page.