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Business Services

budget message

Dear Staff, Students, Parents, and Community Members,

Since I joined the District in 2019, my commitment has been to open transparent communication, including updates about our budget and the work of the Business Services Department, whether at board meetings, weekly updates, frequently asked questions, Ask the CBO videos, and Common Cents updates that have responded to the questions, concerns, and clarifications you have shared.

FCMAT, the Fiscal Crisis Management Assessment Team, is currently working with MDUSD staff on a fiscal health and risk assessment. The information they provide will help us improve many of our operational practices, and the support from the Contra Costa County Office of Education will further assist our work to financial demands. 

The single greatest challenge we face as a school district is financial. For over a year, our multi-year projections have indicated notable and consistent budget shortfalls and years of deficit spending. The Contra Costa County Office of Education has notified the Governing Board that the deficit spending should be addressed. The structural deficit has now been masked by one-time funds to help address the impacts of the state's financial crisis and the pandemic. 

The district has weathered the storms like this before, in both the late 1990s and 2008. While the impacts and effects of these budget challenges are real, Mt. Diablo Unified has endured and emerged from each budget crisis stronger and more focused on the services provided to meet the needs of students. 

Our work this year has also been supported by the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) and an opportunity to delve deeply into our practices to identify more effective ways to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of students. As we continue to explore the recommendations of the CCEE, staff will work closely with the Governing Board to align spending with the services students most need. 

The work that we do in Business Services expands beyond the fiscal operations. Our Purchasing and Warehouse team work diligently to process purchase requests and seek the best prices it can for our school sites and departments, as responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars. Our technology team not only ensures operational devices and networks, but supports the technology needs of staff and students, as well as the operational needs of day-to-day business. Our transportation team services vehicles and safely transports thousands of students on a daily basis. Our food service teams at all school sites scratch-cook to provide the healthiest, appetizing entrees for students to ensure they are able to focus on their learning. Our maintenance and operations staff address the day to day operations of more than 60 facilities, and the facilities department works through modernization and energy projects that ensure safe and fiscally sound buildings and grounds.

The decisions of our department leaders, in constant contact with each other, emphasize outstanding customer service and smart decision-making around taxpayer dollars. As a team, we are deeply committed to working through fiscally sound decisions. 

If you have specific questions, feel free to send them to and if you have a topic that you'd like to have better explained in an Ask the CBO video, do let me know.


Welcome to Business Services!


The Business Services Department is the financial and operational center of Mt Diablo Unified School District. It is the responsibility of Business Services to provide budget information necessary to make crucial decisions about programs, services, and the classroom. Business Services functions as a vital branch of the District's administration, and provides a variety of critical services to support staff, students and community. This supports includes:

  • Managing the District's fiscal resources, budgets, and accounting records
  • Providing payroll services for all District employees
  • Providing information to the Board upon which policy decisions are made
  • Short-term and long-term financial planning
  • Providing technology services for School Sites and District office
  • Providing purchasing, warehouse and graphics services for the District
  • Maintaining the safety, cleanliness and general repair of all District facilities
  • Providing student transportation services as needed
  • Making school lunches and breakfasts available to all students



Common cents

This column is beyond just frequently asked questions - it is about sharing the accurate data associated with all things fiscal, budgets, data, and more! To manage expectations, this column will be updated at least once a week.

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FCMAT Health Risk Analysis July 2021


fcmat fiscal health risk analysis




ask the cbo

Ask the CBO is a weekly series that discusses school funding and other district related topics.

This weeks video:

Episode 19 - 'What Comprises Wages & Benefits'

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