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Lisa Gonzales, Ed.D

Chief Business Officer

(925) 682-8000 Ext. 4007


Niccole Helton

Administrative Assistant C/F

(925) 682-8000, ext. 4540





Business Services

Welcome to Business Services!


The Business Services Department is the financial and operational center of Mt Diablo Unified School District. It is the responsibility of Business Services to provide budget information necessary to make crucial decisions about programs, services, and the classroom. Business Services functions as a vital branch of the District's administration, and provides a variety of critical services to support staff, students and community. This supports includes:

  • Managing the District's fiscal resources, budgets, and accounting records
  • Providing payroll services for all District employees
  • Providing information to the Board upon which policy decisions are made
  • Short-term and long-term financial planning
  • Providing technology services for School Sites and District office
  • Providing purchasing, warehouse and graphics services for the District
  • Maintaining the safety, cleanliness and general repair of all District facilities
  • Providing student transportation services as needed
  • Making school lunches and breakfasts available to all students


ask the cbo

Ask the CBO is a weekly series that discusses school funding and other district related topics.

This weeks video:

Episode 40 - 'Impacts of the Governor's Budget Proposal for 2023-2024'

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First Interim 22-23

 first interim




FCMAT Health Risk Analysis July 2021


fcmat fiscal health risk analysis




Fourth Quarter Dashboard 

4th quarter totals throughout business services