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Induction FAQs

What is a Teacher Induction Program?

  • The MDUSD Teacher Induction Program is a state-approved two-year program that offers teachers the opportunity to obtain a Clear Credential.  Eligible candidates will be provided with personalized support from an experienced and highly qualified Peer Mentor.


How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the MDUSD Teacher Induction Program?

To be eligible to participate in TISP, you must:

  • Be employed by  Mount Diablo Unified School District. 
  • Must hold a preliminary California credential. 
  • Contact the MDUSD Teacher Induction Program Coordinator: Kathy Flores,


When am I assigned a TISP mentor? 

  • Participating Teachers that hold a preliminary credential upon being hired are assigned a mentor within 21 days as long as it is within the TISP enrollment period (see the TISP calendar for the enrollment period)
  • Your Peer Mentor will contact you by email. 
  • If you haven't heard from your Peer Mentor, please contact the MDUSD Teacher Induction Program Coordinator: Kathy Flores,


Who will be my Peer Mentor?

Our Peer Mentors are experienced and highly qualified who receive in on-going training in how to best support teacher needs. 

Every effort is made to match each Peer Mentor's teaching experience with the Participating Teacher's credential/subject and/or grade level and sometimes that is not achievable. 


How do I obtain a Clear Credential through the MDUSD Teacher Induction Program?

  • Upon completion of all program requirements, the MDUSD Teacher Induction Program will recommend eligible Participating Teachers to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing  (CTC) for a California Clear credential.


Is there a cost to the MDUSD Teacher Induction program?

  • MDUSD pays all costs for all Participating Teachers employed by MDUSD.

How long does it take to complete TISP?

  • The program is intended to be a two year program, completed in the first two years of teaching. 
  • There is an Early Completion Option (ECO) for "experienced and exceptional" candidates who meet the program's established criteria. For more information about ECO, please contact the MDUSD Teacher Induction Program Coordinator: Kathy Flores,

Information about TISP

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