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Instructional Support

Department Contacts


District Office Team


Jennifer Sachs

Executive Director, Instructional Support

Phone (925) 682-8000  x4026

Louise Neville      

Administrative Secretary

Phone (925) 682-8000  x4016

Lorie O'Brien                 

Administrator Compliance & Training (Categorical Programs,  Textbooks, SPSA, Site Councils, Librarians, IMAs, Mandated Tainings)

Phone (925) 682-8000  x3730

Adam Welcome

Director of Innovation and Technology                                    

Phone (925) 682-8000  x4043

Cindy Barnett

Senior Secretary Phone (925) 682-8000  x4022


Willow Creek Center Team


Carmen Garces

Director of English Learner Services

Phone (925) 682-8000  x6218

Jocelyn Tibayan

Administrative Secretary

Phone (925) 682-8000  x6217

Maria Candelaria Perez Barreto

Administrator, English Learners and Dual Immersion Programs

Phone (925) 682-8000  x6234


Administrator of Equity & Disproportionality (CEIS, SST Online)

  Phone (925) 682-8000  x6212

Antonio Arguelles

Senior Secretary Phone (925) 682-8000  x6219

"Transforming Lives by Instilling 21st-Century Learning"

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