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Maintenance Work Request Process

The Maintenance and Operations Online Work Order System is used to initiate work intended to "keep up," to "continue," to "keep in existence as is," and to "repair school property, grounds, buildings and equipment." This system should not be used to initiate or request work associated with improvements, revisions or modifications to school property, grounds, buildings or equipment.

The Maintenance Work Request process:

The Site Administrator or Office Manager submits the request using the TMA "iService Desk" Online Work Order System using clear, specific and understandable terminology.

A work request should be clear, simply requesting, for example, to "fix window in multi-use" requires a substantial amount of investigative time determining what particular kind of window, the scope of the maintenance problem, the urgency associated with the problem and what crafts should be directed to address the problem. A more specific description of the particular maintenance problem such as, "repair latch mechanism on upper window on east side of multi-use room," eliminates the need for a supervisor or crafts person to "check out" or investigate the problem prior to actually performing the needed work. Thus, a clear, understandable, and specific description on the work request, plus using the proper "Drop Downs" in the system avoids unnecessary delay and expedites the maintenance process.

NOTE: Please be certain that the work described on the work request is not something that could be performed by the on-site custodial staff as a low level maintenance task.

Once the request is received by the Maintenance and Operations department, the work request will be reviewed by the Planner or Maintenance Managers. After an initial review, the work will then be activated.

Any questions about the TMA Online Work Order System should be directed to the Site Administrator at 925-825-7440, ext. 3826.