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IO Student Assessment (EADMS)

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GradeCam and Scanners for EADMS


  • To use the scanners, a scanning software will need to be downloaded to the computer with the scanner (similar to ScanOARS).
    • The Scanning - LSO 4 Software - Installation Guide.pdf will provide the steps needed to install the scanning software.
    • After installing the LSO scanning software, please ensure the program is picking up the scanner.  This can be done by logging into the program and viewing the selected scanner under “File.”  Please use the generic login information to log into the scanning software. Username: sitetech Password: password
    • The User Guides will provide instructions on the actual scanning process


  • To use the GradeCam, a camera will need to be connected to the computer and be recognized by the computer.  This can be a webcam or a newer document camera.
    • The GradeCam Plugin needs to be downloaded.  See GradeCam - Installation.pdf
    • This will appear in the scanning box if the gradecam plugin needs to be installed.

ELMO Document Cameras

  • For the ELMO document cameras (particularly older models), the following requirements are necessary as well.

Installation and User Guides are available in the Resources box to the right.  If there are persisting issues with installation or using the GradeCam and/or a scanner please email


Report Card Resources

IO Assessment (EADMS) Technical Guides

Video Directions for Entering Report Cards